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2008 Entries: Love Triangles

For the second year of this contest, I opened it up to anyone; promoting at REO, RPM, On-Air, TMMN and dA. Entrants were to draw a love triangle between any three characters from any Rockman series. With entries ranging from hilarious to romantic to disturbing, this year produced many creative triangles.

1st Place

(Tesla x Charlie x Gauss)

2nd Place

(Aile x Rock x Alia)

3rd Place
HJ Hikari

(Pallette x Axl x Cinnamon)

4th Place

(Burai x Pandora x Forte.EXE)

5th Place

(Misora x Subaru x Luna)

6th Place

(Harp Note x Rockman x Luna)

7th Place

(Merti x X x Zero)

8th Place
Haly K.

(Subaru x Orihime x Hyde)

9th Place (tie)

(Crashman x Elecman x Quickman)

9th Place (tie)
Sky Child

(Zero x Girouette x Zero)

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