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2007 Entries: Romance Category

The initial contest was held as an unoffical forum-only event at Rockman.EXE Online (REO). Entrants were to draw non-canon...or slighly odd...pairings in love. All thanks to EXE's resident cupid, Roll/Cross Fusion Meiru, misfiring with her intoxicating Roll Arrows. In this category, we were looking for the sweetest or most romantic pictures.

1st Place

(Rush & Trill)

2nd Place

(Dingo & Jasmine)

3rd Place
N2-0 Night

(Mary & Netto)

4th Place

(Medi & Searchman)

5th Place
N2-0 Night

(Forte & Roll)

6th Place

(Enzan & Iris)

7th Place

(Forte & Rush)

8th Place
Roll Soul

(Cutman & Quickman)

9th Place

(Hinoken & Yuriko)

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