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Last Updated December 14th, 2007


I think everyone around here knows what qualifies as fanart, so I'll skip that part. Only submit your own work, as usual. Unlike last year, there's merely one category for this contest. Our theme this time around is a classic in love stories and has occured enough in the Rockman universe. And that theme is...LOVE TRIANGLES!! (aka "Fight, Rockman-related character, for everlasting true love!!!")

So, what are you supposed to draw? The focus of your entry needs to be on 3 characters in the Rockman universe. If you feel like putting other characters in the background, you are allowed to. But we need to be able to tell which three are involved in this triangle. You can illustrate what happens when one character gets jealous seeing the other two together. Perhaps (character 1) is trying to sabotage their crush's (character 2)date with (character 3). You can have two characters fighting over and tugging at their main squeeze. Maybe they are both putting on a happy face in order to impress their true love, or showering him or her with gifts. Those are just some examples of what you could try; it's totally up to you about how you want to interpret it. But remember, if all three are falling for each other, that's not a true love triangle. If you need to read up on what a love triangle is, use your friendly wiki (or if you're like me and can't open wikipedia, go to answers.com, where they steal wiki entries all the time!)

No restrictions this year, other than no fan-characters. Any character from any series is allowed. Again, to be fair to all, same gender groupings are allowed. I don't want complaints about this, as people should be allowed to draw what they want, regardless of sexual preference. Humans and robots and reploids and computer programs and viruses and alien AM/FM beings, etc. all deserve their chance for some lovin', without prejudice!!

You can stick with groupings that can be technically interpreted as canon in their respective series: (Roll.EXE x Rockman.EXE x Medi), (Misora x Subaru x Luna), (Masa/Commander Beef x Mariko x Higure), (Zombie Iris x Zero x Layer), (Alia x X x Mary/Marty/whatever the manga girl's name truly is), etc.

You can create your own fan-made triangles: (Vent x Ashe x Mikhail), (Officer Denise x Tron x Roll), *coughcough* (Yuriko x Miyabi x Pride), etc.

Or you can mix and match characters from different series to disturb us all: (Kalinka Cossack x Juno x Ciel), (Narcy Hide x Tsukasa Futaba x Launch Octopus), (Yamatoman x Orihime x Tenguman.EXE), etc.

In general, three's a crowd. So I'm not expecting any of these entries to be all lovey-dovey. Perhaps it is between two characters, but not for that third wheel. So humor and drama will be an important part in judging these pieces moreso than actual romance. As will your creativity and the effort you put into it. We shall do our best not to judge merely by one's artistic skill. Entries do not need to be colored, but it is preferred. Once again, you can enter TWO pictures, if you so choose. Doubling your chances of winning. But if you don't have time or just don't want to submit two pieces, that's fine, too.

Now remember, a love triangle does not mean a menage a trois. Please keep your entries clean!! All dirty entries will be disqualified, but not before they are once again forwarded to Miss Tabby Kitsune for her viewing and archiving pleasure.


Entries can either be e-mailed to me at rock2125[at]hotmail[dot]com or you can just PM me a link to your pic. DO NOT post your pic in any forum contest thread, in your fanart threads or dA/Sheezy/etc. galleries until the contest is over. This is the fairest way for competitive reasons. I'll edit a confirmed entry list on every forum, as well as on the contest page when I receive them.


The deadline for this contest will be Wednesday, February 13th. So this year you have nearly 2 months to come up with your entry/entries.


Grand prize: Rockman/Megaman-related item of the winner's choice.
2nd and 3rd prize: Art request piece from me.
Additional prize TBD at the moment.

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