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December 14th, 2007

Hello there, peoples! Another year, another go at this. For those just stumbling by, I'm Rock Miyabi. All this site is built for is to store entries and results for my Rockman Valentine's Day Fanart Contests.

Don't expect any fancy webdesign work from me, as this is essentially just a placeholder for everything. Recycled, stripped and tweaked .html from my second attempt ever in my only college webdesign course. But updated to a better layout than I released the results in last year.

While I'll be posting the same info on various forums for this year's contest, you are welcome to re-read the rules here, browse through last year's entries, and wait in anticipation for this year's.

...And that's about it. ;)

Oh, and news banner sprite rip credit to Sprites, Inc. Altered by me.

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