Revolver-Wing Studios - Never Gonna Give You Up
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Revolver-Wing Studios - Never Gonna Give You Up

Judges Comments:

*Rock Miyabi's #2* ~ Definitely enjoyed the effort you put into this comic and your tale, although the flashback kinda throws off the flow in this order to me. I absolutely loved the scream image; the horror of hearing Astely over and over! Also liked that you tried differing coloring styles, which gave different feelings for those individual panels.

*Phi's #3* ~ Another entry that was amusing. Although the message of this seemed a bit random, I will admit there is a level of charm and I appreciate that. Reading through it, I did get a couple of chuckles from it.

*Doctor Wily II* ~ There's comedic potential... BUT CLIFFHANGER D: It just killed the mood for me.

*Quickman* ~ Nice comic, but recycled the joke, which I felt Fenril did better.