First Place: Okamikai - Rock, Draw Me Like One of Your Reploid Girls
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Okamikai - Rock, Draw Me Like One of Your Reploid Girls

Judges Comments:

*Rock Miyabi's #1* ~ In terms of overall skill and technique, I felt yours stood out on top. The shades of pink lighting adds a little complementary Valentine's color to Zero's red armor. His flowing hair stands out, helped out a bit by the blur technique on his legs. And man, even the detail in those fingers just look right; your style feels like official artwork-quality. Fantastic image!

*Phi's #2* ~ A close runner-up. The first thing that stood out to me was how well Zero's hair came out. Loose and realistic looking. The color usage is great, and the shading completes the picture. A small nitpick would be how the face came out. It's not bad by any means; far from it. But, I believe the eyes and mouth could have been drawn better; perhaps more seductive looking. Lastly, I can't help but feel like a couch or bed would be suitable for this kind of pose, rather than (what seems to be) the floor. Overall, great colors, hair and linework.

*Doctor Wily II* ~ Dat Zero. Darnit Zero.

*Quickman's #3* ~ Lovely shading and coloring.

*Protoman Blues' #1* ~ The thought of Zero saying "Draw me like one of your French Reploids" just makes me laugh. Plus, the color & shading are amazing, and the level of skill involved is second to none. Very well done.