Fenril-Huayra - Never Gonna Give You Up
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Fenril Huayra - Never Gonna Give You Up

*Note - Due to being the first person randomly chosen for Category 3, Fenril was disqualified from placing in this category. With all his effort put into this image, however, you can see how he was deserving of winning this category as well.

Judges Comments:

*Rock Miyabi's #1* ~ I don't know how you manage to top your previous work, but I think you have here. THANK YOU for putting in so much effort and connection to Rick Astley's music video, while still sticking in so many random and hilarious ideas in with it. Not to mention, continuing a running theme with your entries from years past. I can't imagine how many hours you toiled over this image, but all your hard work was worth it.

*Phi's #1* ~ Definitely my no. 1 pick. Out of all the entries, this had far and away, the most effort put into it. The artwork is great and the colors are pretty good. The use of Rick Astley's song was wonderfully implemented, and the humor overall was very funny and didn't overstay its welcome. I loved the cameo of Aile, as well as Grey. This one was certainly the funniest entry for me!

*Doctor Wily II's #1* ~ And this is why I love being a judge. Despite being a X-series comic, Aile manages to steal the spotlight! ... Oh right. Ahem. In all honesty, this one was a hands-down win for me, even without Aile (But Aile is a plus). Sigma singing to Nana to win her heart, only for it all to be a dream... Or nightmare. All the facial expressions, the cute style... Even a cameo from Nana's love-chair! Hands down, handssssssssssssssssssssssssssss doooooooooooooooooooooooown...

*Quickman's #1* ~ Gave me a good laugh!

*Protoman Blues' #1* ~ Hilarious. Super long, but perfect.