Second Place: Dark-Dullahan - Never Gonna Give You Up
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Dark-Dullahan - Never Gonna Give You Up

Judges Comments:

*Rock Miyabi* ~ A most chivalrous knight, indeed. He looks so proud of himself to be able to lift CentaurWoman up like that, and it is quite a feat of strength. The juxtaposition of the two adds to the humor, along with Centaur being so embarassed about the whole thing.

*Phi's #2* ~ I chuckled as soon as I saw Centaur Man covering his face with his hat. While it may not be the best drawn, it's definitely a really funny entry. It's silly, simple and I love it. It's amusing to imagine those two strolling along the park or sidewalk like that.

*Doctor Wily II* ~ Awww... KnightXCentaurWoman. CentaurWoman is the true Centaur in the Megaman series.

*Quickman* ~ Nice role reversal.

*Protoman Blues' #3* ~ I definitely chuckled at this, since one should be carrying the other!