Second Place: Borockman - Rock, Draw Me Like One of Your Reploid Girls
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Borockman - Rock, Draw Me Like One of Your Reploid Girls

Judges Comments:

*Rock Miyabi's #2* ~ Hot nanners, that's a hot Nana! It oozes the sexy. When you take a little more time on your pieces, as opposed to your doodles, I love how they turn out. Enjoy the nice little details in her lingerie and that 'come hither' look in her eyes. You nailed the theme quite well. Still waiting for the alternate versions, though...;p

*Phi's #1* ~ If I could sum this picture in one word: Delicious. Very, very nice work here. His usage of red really brings the picture to life, as well as the airbrushing. It's rich, vibrant and pleasing to the eyes. Combine that with the sheer sexy naughtiness of Nana in lingerie, and it becomes a sight to behold. That specific body position and coordination is also very well done, and in my artistic experience, not easy to pull of without a substantial amount of practice. Great linework and attention to detail. This is my top pick!

*Doctor Wily II's #3* ~ Another sensual piece, decked out in striking red lingerie. And strangely Nana again... I guess Alia is an old hag. Ahem, back to the pic, Nana is being playful in this piece as well, beckoning.

*Quickman* ~ Linework has improved immensely

*Protoman Blues' #3* ~ This was a very close one. However, the extra work that Borockman put into the little things like the sexy heart lingerie stood out to me. Excellent piece.